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The Monastery of Archangel Michael

Nowadays there are plenty of historic shrines on the island. The Monastery of Assumption stands a little bit above the village of Maries. Athos on the opposite side, with its endless greenery works wonders on people's «clenched» soul. Miracles are not needed here. The vigil in the monastery fills the heart with God making the pursuit of evidences a completely unnecessary procedure. The Monastery of Archangel Michael is the biggest and also the most known Monastery of Thassos. Part of the Holy Nail that Christ was crucified with, is preserved here. The monastery is built on the edge of a cliff and the view towards the Aegean Sea gives pilgrims the sense of being suspended. One more pew of intellectual uplift stands in the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas. You can reach it by Mikro Kazaviti, Sotiras or Maries villages. There is a homonymous Church dedicated to Assumption in Panagia village, fully connected with the life of village residents. The visitor is in awe when facing the old icons (14th - 17th century), the icon of Panagia i Pantovlepousa (Virgin Mary and old coins of Panagia known as "bakires". The red-and-white pennon of Richard the Lionhearted since the era of Crusaders stands also inside the church.